Meghan Markle leaves toxic ties behind, becomes elite saint of brown girls

On January 8, via their royal Instagram account, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan announced that they would be “stepping back” from royal family duties. Naturally, the Internet collectively lost it making their declaration of independence probably a far bigger deal than the original Declaration of Independence.

Things have since reached the level of typical “Ghar Ghar ki Kahani”

For brown girls, the obsession with this much more fun Brexit is on a whole other level. That’s because the couple’s decision to so boldly break free from their khandaan and bravely deal with the corresponding fall-out (the Queen immediately called for a family meeting) has pretty much permanently catapulted Meghan to Patron Saint of Brown Women Everywhere status.

By telling the Queen aka the world’s most overwhelming and controlling SASS “so long, sayonara”, Meghan has shown us anything is possible.


Here are some questions currently weighing heavily on my foggy, nine months pregnant brain: Did Meghan always plan to Megxit… even pre-wedding?! Because if this was her long game, then that’s truly a level of plotting and scheming no local Hum TV drama actress could outdo.

Secondly, can one of the world’s most popular couples truly and really live outside of the shadow of what seems like the world’s most dominating, controlling susral? If such freedom truly and really does exist, then ladies, REJOICE, because this is the modern-day fairytale ending we have all been waiting for, the kind of ending where we simultaneously bag the prince and ditch the joint family dramarama.

Of course, since the news broke, a lot of column inches (and Piers Morgan tweets) have been dedicated to analyzing how the poor, unassuming Prince Harry has been rendered into a voiceless, puppet-like dunce thanks to his malicious, scheming wife who is forcing him to split from both family and country.

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